Our operation covers mainly three areas. Depending on the needs of our customers, our operation shall expand to the new areas. Please consult us for your possible offshore production.

Contents of operation

OEM/CM・PT/BPOFlexible substrate,Rigid substrate, Electric parts assembly, Dielectric filter
Skill providingElectric parts inspection, parts test, visual inspection and sorting,
ServiceOperator dispatching to Japan, Consulting and support to new comer to the Philippines


Under the circumstance where delivery of your products to overseas is increasing in addition to the domestic delivery in such industries as flexible substrate, rigid substrate, semiconductor and electric parts production, the lead time is becoming one of the most important factors.
With our service, you can simultaneously realize the competitive cost and quality control. Since the education of operators and inspectors can be completed in the shortest possible time, you can enjoy our speedy service from quotation to delivery which we are sure that your needs can be satisfied.

Since English is common language in the Philippines, you can provide us with all of your documents and specifications in English, we can cope with them without any delay. Your will be surprised to see our high-level service covering control and management of quality, technology, production process and HR, which is our strength.

Skill Providing

Highly experienced and capable inspectors of our company can offer visual and optical inspection of your semiconductor substrate and other electric parts. We are helping our customers in a way that they can realize better production efficiency, cost control, market expansion and others.

As far as CAD operation is concerned, special CAD operators educated at the customer's site are offering the customized service only to the relative customer.


Our operation

1. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer/Manufacturing)

You will assign us to manufacture the products under your brand and accept the entire products. By doing this, you will be able to expand your supply capacity,  have wider breadth of assortment and enhance marketing strategy.

2. Contract Manufacturing/

Processing Trade

You will provide us with raw materials and parts free of charge or at your cost. You will assign us to process subject to your payment of processing fee and accept entire products. We will assure you the good management of quality and delivery. You will just enjoy reasonable labor cost of the Philippines.

3. BPO Business Process Outsourcing)

You will outsource the portion of your business process to us. The recent boost in the BPO sector in the Philippines is remarkable and there are several cases which show the reduction of production cost by some dozen percent.

Major destinations