Operation in the Philippines


The production in Asia is now expanding. Many manufacturers are trying to shift its production base to overseas with velocity yet to see in order to avoid economic crisis and to maintain or enhance its competitiveness. In such a move, it is the Asia that attracts most attention due to its bright future having abundant labor force, consumption and purchasing power. The Philippines is the most potential country among countries in Asia.

N.T. Philippines, Inc. was established in 1989 as Nampow Trading Philippines Co., Ltd. with the purpose of providing ceramic filter assembly service and inspection thereof mainly to the semiconductor producers in Japan. Due to our commitment to quality and continuous endeavor for customer satisfaction, our operation has been expanded mainly in BPO of electric parts industry. After around 35 years since foundation, we are now making new challenges in other new field.
It is our main business to provide producers of the world with excellent labor and production space in the Philippines at reasonable cost. 
We would like to urge you to consider off shore production here in the Philippines!

Stable, Excellent & Reasonable Labor

There exists abundant labor of good quality at reasonable cost in the Philippines. It is the best fitted situation for the labor intensive industry. If you want to reduce your labor cost or secure workforce, please study possibility of establishing your operation here in the Philippines. One of the areas of our specialty is to supply labor of good quality at reasonable cost.

Taxation incentive & infrastructure

The spot where we locate is in the industrial park in Rosario, Cavite which is about 30km away from Manila airport & Manila port, and you can reach at least less an hour from Manila by Cavite ~ Manila Expressway / Cavitex. Since it is the special economic zone which has a taxation incentive, you can enjoy various advantages.

As of June 2023, 312 companies are operating in this 280 ha's CEZ (Cavite Economic Zone). Very easy access to Manila airport or Manila port. Together with organized infrastructure in the Philippines, you will have various advantages in operating here.

We have achieved satisfactory results in long years in terms of developing ideal BPO, which we are confident that you can fully utilize for your future strategy.

Corporate Policy

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Philippines Update

In 2019 and 2020, the Philippines was also hit by a global economic recession due to the corona crisis, but in 2021, the DGP growth rate was recorded as early as 5.6%. In 2022,t he GDP growth rate is expected to reach 6.5% due to the relaxation of various corona regulations especially  immigration and schools that resulted in rapid expansion of domestic demand. The new Marcos Jr. administration, which was inaugurated by the presidential election in May, inherited the previous administration's policy of prioritizing infrastructure development, while he is very positive to promote friendly diplomacy with the United States and attract investment from the United States, Japan, including other foreign countries. 

JPY/PHP annual chart

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USD/PHP annual chart

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Points to study

1. Select a country considering country risk.
2. Forecast of labor and material cost of the country
3. Forecast of other production cost
4. Possibility of labor issue (no strike since our foundation)